The Golden Hours. Hugo meets his family. Monash Casey Hospital Berwick

newborn baby wrapped in blanket at Casey Hospital

One of the most emotional moments after giving birth for the second, third, fourth or even fifth time is waiting for your children to meet each other.  Having those moments captured as you soak in how big your previous babies look and how they are in awe of their new sibling is a moment that a mother never forgets. Often it is a moment of sweet relief as you realise that the love you have to give you children is multiplied not divided and that everything is going to be ok, even if it is busy.

mother and child togehter in hospital
baby on scales at newborn measuremtns after birth at Casey Hospital


Being there to witness Lisa and Toby reunite as a family of five was such an amazing experience. Lisa and I met not once but twice at photography workshops (Lisa is the fabulous lady behind the lens at Crown and Rose Photography). We shared a passion for Spell, photography and not to mention mummas of three beautiful babies each.

After what was a long 9 months for Lisa, her third born arrived quickly into his new family. I arrived at the hospital to document Lisa and Hugo’s golden hour, those first moments of skin to skin, first feeds, measurements and those long awaited moment your family is together for the first time.

It was priceless to see the look on both her daughter and sons faces as they walked into the birthing suite. Excited and overwhelmed, the children came in to learn if they had a brother or sister and help to decide on a name.

brother and sister arrive at hospital meeting their new sibling in birth suite at Casey Hospital
brother and sister finding out gender of new baby at Casey Hospital

This session was the full of the sweetest moments. Their eldest, suggested calling their new little brother Sunday, exploring Hugo’s balloon home (placenta and amniotic sac) and telephone calls to family members across the country.

brother suggesting baby names for new sibling at Casey Berwick
newborn at hospital meeting family
brother sharing news on loud speaker about his new little sibling
baby being dressed in hospital while brother watches on
mother holding hands of children while nurse takes vitals in hospital
brother and sister looking at baby with dad
sister taking close look at little brother in birthing suite

Ever story has its own highlights. Something that stands out, the unique details that belong to only this story. Seeing Will hand his new brother a card welcoming him to their family is a moment I will never forget. Hugo was loved and adored by everyone before he arrived and will continue to be ever day from now on. Birth photography is not just about the transition from womb to world. A birth photographer captures the love, connection and the details that make your birth the most significant story ever told.

Sibling present at birth of baby at hospital in Berwick Melbourne

I am constantly in awe of women and their families and will never cease to be amazed and honoured to be present at such life changing moments.

mother holding milk drunk newborn at Casey Hospital


If you love the idea of birth photography and having your story told, get in touch. Together we can tell your greatest story.

first of many family photos together at Casey Hospital Melbourne
first photo of all three siblings sitting on couch