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Birth photography commonly asked questions



Where are you located and what areas do you cover for birth?

I am pretty lucky and call the town of Bunyip, Victoria home. I am happy to travel and my location means that Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula, Bass Coast, Baw Baw, West Gippsland and LaTrobe are all regions I can easily access within an hour. When I am booked by a mother for birth photography I stay close to my camera and phone from 38 weeks waiting to hear from you so as long as you communicate when your labor begins and how it is progressing I will hustle to get there. Don’t worry about the time of the morning or night it is, that is what being on call as a birth photographer means.

Hospitals I have previously attended and documented births include: Casey Hospital, St John of God Hospital Berwick, The Angliss Hospital, Ferntree Gully, Frankston Hospital, The Royal Women’s Hospital, Dandenong Hospital, Warragul Hospital, Leongatha Hospital. I provide birth photography to home births taking place at homes within one hour of Bunyip. Discounts for home births apply, please check out my birth photography packages for discounts, packages and upgrade options.  

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What will you do while at our birth?

Being invited into your birth space is an honour and something I take pretty seriously. As a birth photographer I am there to document your experiences, not be part of them. I will be there to capture the moments as they happen but I am not there to direct, pose or move you around. I will work around the midwives when things get busy and take your lead if you need some space. Your birth is not a time for me to catch up with you, the midwives, your support people and I take a ‘speak when spoken to approach’.   

What exactly will you photograph?

That is entirely up to you. As it is your experience you can decide what you would like captured. You need to have confidence in me and trust that I will only take images of what you are comfortable with. Whether it be the first hold, first breath or even first feed you decide what aspects you want captured and I work from there. Discussions like this would be held prior to your birth at our catch up so that when I arrive there is no need to distract you from your birthing experience.  I will stay for approximately 1.5hours after you have given birth to capture all the little details of the golden hour if you wish.

Will you use my photos wherever you like?

Any photos you have seen of the births I have attended have been shared with full permission by the birthing parents. I do like to share the images to help promote and educate people about the beauty and importance of birth and birth photography however I would never share something you are not comfortable with. This is your special moment and the images capture that beauty and of course I would love to share. Just not without your permission.

Why should I have a photographer at my birth?

My biggest regret now is not having a birth photographer. Yes there were pictures taken by my partner and the midwives but so few as their focus was elsewhere during the process. Hiring a birth photographer means they are solely there to capture the experiences and interactions of the people present.

Having a photographer means you are able to piece together the details of what happened during that time. Many woman say that birth felt like a dream and don’t remember events as they happened. Having a tangible memory means you are able to revisit the experience and see your strength and beauty through a different lens over and over. Who doesn’t want to see themselves as a badass.

Im not sure how I will feel having another person in the room. Won’t it be too busy?

I get it. You don’t know what to expect and another person might seem too much. For many births I am the only person a birthing woman has met before the big day. This can be reassuring for your partner to have a familiar face while you are in labour. Having attended many births as a professional birth photographer I know how to navigate the birth space and when it is appropriate or not appropriate to be active in documenting. Being a professional in an intimate space I have learnt how to read the room and make sure I am doing my best to support you whilst giving you space.

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Amy is a Melbourne birth photographer and motherhood photographer documenting the details of your birth story and journey through authentic images of love at first sight. Specialising in birth photography, documentary family photography, maternity photography, newborn photography and portrait photography. birth photography is available at warragul hospital, st john of God berwick, casey hospital, frankston hospital, angliss hospital, dandenong hospital.Amy services Melbourne, Berwick, Warragul, the Mornington Peninsula, south Gippsland and the Bass Coast.