It takes a village, and this one is amazing

Becoming a mother I soon realised just how hard parenting can be without a village. That’s why there are new mothers’ groups and you don’t have to go far to see friends catching up for coffee and play dates. Pretty sure that's why play centers were invented! You need the connections, the support, the empathetic ear, the endless supply of coffee. 

intended parents excited to meet their child

Some villages are born before a baby makes its way into the world. It was obvious from the instant I met Lisa, Henry and their surrogate Emmy that this village was a special place full of the best type of people. It was an honour to be there to witness their story unfold.

surrogate and daughter, intended parents sharing scan at maternity session

We meet on a typical winters day in Melbourne. Cold and icy. The complete opposite of the atmosphere among the village of people who arrived to participate in Henry and Lisa’s maternity session. Each one of them playing an integral role in their journey to be parents. Lisa and Henry brought together Kate (their egg donor), her husband Jordan and Emmy (their surrogate), her husband Danny and all their children. They interacted, chatted and played like they had known each other a lifetime. Being able to capture the moments of a surrogacy maternity session full of fun and warmth was a highlight of my birth photography career.

melbourne couple celebrating surrogacy journey with egg donor and surrogate in Melbourne
egg donor and intended parents celebrating journey melbourne

What I loved the most about this gathering was how at ease each person there was with each other. This wasn’t just a village, this was a family born out of a shared goal, parenthood and brought together because of two caring, fun loving and deserving people. Suorrogacy is a foreign journey for many but for this group of amazing people it is a path that has lead to so much joy, love and connection.

members of surrogacy journey with family at maternity photo session in Melbourne Victoria

Every journey to parenthood deserves to be told and celebrated. Surrogacy is just a variation of the usual. Sharing these stories brings more understanding to a community that I have only glimpsed from the outside but is full of so much love, compassion and support that its hard not to want to know more. If you are interested in hearing other perspectives I highly recommend listening to The Surrogacy Podcast.

infinity symbol gift for surrogate, egg donor and intended parent

I can not wait for the next chapter and many more to come for this family and being there to capture their journey. Birth photography takes me on some magical journeys. That's right stay tuned, the best is yet to come! You can read about the emotional surrogate birth of Harry here.

There is nothing more that I love to witness a family celebrate their love and tell their story. If you are thinking about capturing your story and memories get in touch

daughter and intended parent at melbourne photo shoot