My story

Why did I choose birth photography?

My motives are both selfish and selfless: I LOVE birth and everything about it.

I’m Amy and I’m a birth and maternity photographer based in the southeast of Victoria.

A combination of my love of photography, all-things birth — witnessing someone during their most powerful and life changing moments — led me right here. It led me to a profession where I will happily sacrifice my days, nights and all manner of strange hours to photographing births. I want to offer women an ongoing connection and reflection to the stunningly powerful thing that they had accomplished: bringing a child in to the world. Photographs do just that.

I truly understand the wild story that is birthing (and raising) a child, being a mama to three who are strong willed and beautiful. My greatest possessions are my photos. My greatest blessings are my babes.  My greatest accomplishments are my births. Becoming a mother was something that changed me in ways I never imagined. Who knew I would crave time alone yet missing them with every inch of me at the same time. When I am away from them I spend my time flicking through my memories of them as the amazing people they are now while also reminiscing about who they were as babies. Missing them before their fierceness and sense of humour were something I was both awed and frustrated by.

I couldn’t have imagined hiring a birth photographer with my first, only because I didn’t know it was a ‘thing’. But with my second, the handful of photos captured when someone had a spare hand are well-thumbed reminders of magic — every time I flick back through them I ache.  Welcoming my third beauty to the world was such an empowering experience and having the photos to help tell that story are now my greatest possession. 

Mamas everywhere can do so much, but documenting your birth through birth photography, without fuss allows you — the birthing mother — and your partners or support people to focus solely on you.  You can trust me that I will capture those memories of you falling in love at first sight.

Amy Wishart Berwick Birth Photographer baby wearing at birth

As a birth photographer and mumma I have been on both sides of the camera in the birthing world and love both! You can read (and see) my birthing story here. If you prefer to listen you can hear about all my births on The Australian Birth Podcast.



Amy is a Melbourne birth photographer and motherhood photographer documenting the details of your birth story and journey through authentic images of love at first sight. Specialising in birth photography, documentary family photography, maternity photography, newborn photography and portrait photography. birth photography is available at warragul hospital, st john of God berwick, casey hospital, frankston hospital, angliss hospital, dandenong hospital.
Amy services Melbourne, Berwick, Warragul, the Mornington Peninsula, south Gippsland and the Bass Coast.