Surprise holiday arrival- Meeting Ash- newborn in home session

When Erin and I first chatted about having the birth of her second son photographed neither of us could have imagined that we would be shooting his newborn session BEFORE his estimated due (guess) date! Ash must have known his family loved him fiercely already as he decided to not only enter this world early at 37 weeks but thought it was grand to make his entrance while away on a holiday.

It was clear when arriving at their home that the family had settled into their new grove as a family of four. Life is strangely calm whilst being mildly unpredictable.  The perfect mix! This makes newborn in home sessions with siblings a lot of fun. My job is to get those quiet moments with your newborn with you in your beautiful newborn bliss bubble whilst capturing the energetic nature of your other children. This session was no different. Ash’s big brother was a superstar. He loved snuggling in with his brother, not to mention the moments of jumping to get the energy out.

The best part of having newborn photos taken in your own home, there is no struggle getting kids in and out of the car, the natural moments of you interacting as a family are documented WITH YOU ALL IN THE PICTURES and nothing beats the cuddles from your newest addition!

newborn toes during in home family photography session Berwick Melbourne
big brothers feet and little brother on bed during newborn lifestyle session, Melbourne
Family in home photography session during newborn lifestyle session
Father and son hand in hand during newborn photography session Bayside Melbourne
Dad reading book to son during newborn lifestyle session
Father and son during fourth trimester
Mother with her two sons. Only thing better than one son is having two.
Newborn with parents sleeping after a feed
Newborn in hand knitted blanket and beanie during family session Bayside Melbourne
Mum and Dad with newborn son cuddling on the bed.
Serious face newborn details during in home lifestyle session