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Telling the greastest story of all

Third Trimester

Maternity sessions

Embrace your amazing body with a session celebrating all you have achieved in the past 9(ish) months. The morphs and growth in both mind and body are amazing and for such a short portion of your life (even if the last month feels like a lifetime). Sessions are held in the comfort of your own home or on location. Most sessions are held between 32 and 36 weeks although sessions have been held as late as 39 weeks so it's totally up to you when you feel you would like them.

Packages start at $250. For full inclusions and options please get in touch.

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2019 Birth photography package

Having a collection of images documenting your most life changing moments is priceless. 

While you are focused on the job of bringing your little one in to the world, know that your experience is being documented without interference to your birthing space. These sessions involve no posing or directing rather observing and capturing the details and interactions discretely not to mention the moment you lay your eyes on your baby.   

With birth photography package options for everyone starting at $1500. For full inclusions and personalised options please get in touch.

Fourth Trimester

Newborn sessions

Bringing a newborn into the world is crazy at the best of times and getting out of the house requires more coordination than a month long trip to Europe. That’s why I come to you. I can either come to you at your place of birth in the first two days and capture those raw intimate moments or are held in home to capture the bubble you live in during those first few weeks while providing you with a relaxed and comfortable setting for all. We will capture you and your newborn surrounded in love in your haven and any extended family are welcome, especially the four legged kind. 

Packages start at $150. For full inclusions and options please get in touch.