Why hire a birth photographer? Answered by Melbourne Birth Photographer A Grateful Heart Photography

Mother holding newborn on chest moments after birth at St John of God Hospital Berwick.

Why hire a birth photographer?

Often people considering birth photography get asked the same question “why would you hire a birth photographer?”

My quick response is why not?!

Mother and father enjoying first holds after the birth of the child at Melbourne hospital. Documented by A Grateful Heart Photography.

But honestly there are so many reasons that someone would consider hiring a birth photographer and each will be slightly different for each parent.

Family meeting newborn baby for the first time. Mother is in bed holding the newborn while grandmother and father and gazing down. Image from birth at Leongatha Hospital.

For some it is to remember the moment they fell in love at first sight. There is nothing like the look on a mother’s face as her newborn baby is placed on her chest. The moment your baby opens it eyes and looks around searching for the voice it has known it’s whole life and now connecting it to a face. The images I have from this moment are by far my greatest possession and something I look at in pure awe. I never tire of seeing my birth photography images.

In birth so much is happening. You are focused on the end result of bringing your baby into this world but what details fade so quickly. The timeline skews and with every retell of your birth story it slowly becomes a narrative rather than a historical event. Documenting your birth through photography ensures that you will not need to rely on the memory of someone else to remember your experience.

Siblings meeting their for the first time an hour after birth. Two big sisters are holding the hand of newborn who is laying on the bed at Mitcham Private Hospital.

There are no do overs. Unlike many moments in life there is no second chance. You don’t get to do the time over again. Having a birth photographer present at my birth allowed both myself and my partner to be present and focus on the birth and our baby. We didn’t pick up our phone until we wanted to tell our family about our newest addition. We enjoyed the moment and will never regret a photo we didn’t get because our photographer got it all!

Brithing woman sitting on fitball while being supported by husband as she labours at The Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne.

Supportive partners in birth are some of the most heartfelt moments a mother can witness. When you look back through your images from your birth you see every small action your partner did to help you bring their child into this world. Hand squeezing, back rubbing, drink holding, emotionally supporting. No action is too small. Capturing the look on a father’s face as he finds out the gender of their child and the look of relief and adoring admiration as they realise just how strong their partner is to birth their child. Nothing compares.

Lastly, what if your journey to parenthood looks different to most? What if you want to celebrate the long road you have traveled and feel this story is worth sharing to help education and inform the world that all birth is beautiful and every story deserves to be told. These stories are some of the most powerful to tell and I am truly honnored to have been able to document them for families.

Father holding newborn and daughter in the moments after birth at Melbourne Hospital. Captured by Amy, Melbourne Birth Photographer.

I could go on but for now I will leave it here. If you have ever been asked why you would want to hire a birth photographer and been unable to explain your reasons you might find this resonates with you.

Birth photography isn’t for everyone but if it is the reasons are powerful beyond measure.

If you are considering birth photography don’t let the opportunity pass you by.

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Skin to skin and first feeds after birth witnessed by big sister at Mitcham Private Hospital.

Skin to skin and first feeds after birth witnessed by big sister at Mitcham Private Hospital.