What is the perfect birth?

Something has been coming up a lot lately when I speak to people about birth photography. It’s the idea that there is only one type of birth that should be photographed. You know. That there is the ‘perfect’ way to birth. I kind of agree that there is a perfect birth and I am going to tell you exactly what that is, but…


First I ask you, what is the perfect birth?


Do you have a vision in your head of what YOU think the ideal birth looks like or do you have a vision of what you perceive other peoples’ view is of the perfect birth?


Why do I ask this? Somewhere along the line we have been shown images of birth that have shaped our understanding and perceptions of what is the ‘right’ way to birth. I can tell you now that no matter which way you bring your child into the world it is the right way for you.


Does that mean we can’t have a plan to aspire to certain things happen in our birth that matches our wishes? Of course not. What it does mean is that when I plan for my birth it may have elements and events that I believe are important. These may or may not be the same as the next woman. What is important to you may or may not be important to me.

Feeling empowered and knowing your options when things take a turn is equally important. Researching and preparing for scenarios that may not be your ideal can only help you feel in control of some part of the journey if a medical emergency was to occur.


For me with my first my ideal birth was to give birth without the need of surgery. My second I didn’t want to be induce. My third I wished that I was able to birth in the position I chose. That was ME and these were MY wishes.


For another birthing woman it might be a home birth, others may be adamant they want epidural, some may request a scheduled cesarean. We do not know the journey others have been on that lead them to their point of view but the one thing we need to do is respect that we are all different, with different desires and different pregnancy journeys AND every single one of these births deserve to be told.


Don’t ever feel that the way you choose to give birth is inferior (or superior) to others.


Every birth is beautiful. Every birth deserves to be applauded and every birthing woman deserves to birth

So is there a perfect birth?


Yes and it is yours!

Beautiful Mother Centered Cesarean Birth at Frankston Hospital captured by dad for Mornington Peninsula Photographer A Grateful Photography
Empowered homebirth as captured by Melbourne Birth Photographer A Grateful Heart Birth Photography
empowered hospital birth at Casey hospital as captured by Berwick Birth Photographer A Grateful Heart Photography.