A family Made | A Visual Birth Story | South Gippsland Birth Photography

Ebony and Josh were excited to welcome their first child, a son, and decided that documenting this was really important to them. This is where I join there story as their birth photographer. Ebony loved seeing birthing images showcasing the connection and support that happens when a baby is born and all the intimate and raw moments of birth.

Prior to the birth I met with Ebony and her support people, her husband and her mother. We had a great catch up and everyone was excited and jovial about the upcoming birth.

On the big day I joined Ebony and her team at the hospital after her induction started. By the time I arrived Ebony had settled into and was comfortable while waiting to meet her son.

mother in hospital during stage two of birth. She has a loook of concentration on her face as she pushes her baby out. Her husband and mother watch excitedly.

The atmosphere in their birth suite was relaxed and fun as Ebony was joined by her growing village as her two best friends kept her company as she got closer to the arrival of their little one. The support and excitement was amazing. Every woman needs her friends and that doesn’t change when you become a mum.

Finally it was time for Ollie to enter the world. Ebony worked hard and was able to birth her son into the world, her arms and her family in what could be described as a race to the finish line. I could not have been cheering and willing a baby to be born more than I was this little man. Josh was by her side the whole way as was her mother.

South gippsland birth photographer.jpg
mother with newly born baby on chest as she smiles knowing she just met her son. Birth at leongatha hospital
newborn baby having skin to skin with dad in birth suite at Leongatha Hospital. Baby is smiling directly at the camera.

Photographing these moments of birth and the hours after highlight the reason why birth photography is so important to those who choose to do so. Capturing the highest moments, the rush of adrenaline, the waves of love, the village together are absolutely amazing.  

family and friends meeting newborn baby at leongatha hospital
baby being cuddled hours after birth at hospital in Leongatha captured by Melbourne birth photographer A Grateful Heart
newborn baby smiling in the arms of aunt at hospital in south gippsland
newborn baby smiling at aunty in birth suite at hospital in leongatha.
friends and family welcoming newborn baby at Leongatha hospital in south gippsland

I am continued to be inspired by the birth of not only a baby but a mother and this was no exception.

grnadmother having cuddles with grandson after supporting daughter to welcome her first child at hospital in melbourne
newborn in grandmothers arms sticking his tongue out. photo taken at hospital in melbourne by birth photographer
documenting the first meal after birth while family are celebrating the arrival of a newborn baby.
in hospital newborn photography
newborn on mothers chest after birth at melbourne hospital
mother and father hugging on hospital bed while grandmother and grandfather hug and kiss newborn baby on chair.