The Couch Project- A couch we wish not to see again soon.

The last time I arrived at Warragul Hospital in Gippsland was as a birth photographer, full of excitement and anticipation, ready to capture the precious moments of a mother and father welcoming their newborn to the world. 

February saw us visiting the hospital for a different reason. 

warragul birth photographer.jpg

After almost two and a half years with no illness my daughter woke very distraught. After realising this was serious we had our first ambulance trip (yes me too) and our first hospital visit and two night stay with croup. Pretty dramatic for a first illness but this little one doesn't do things in halves. 

This couch was to be my bed for two nights while we waited for improvements and doctors approval that it was ok for us to go home. As much as the light was interesting and caught my attention, I don't intend on visiting here again any time soon. We were well looked after by the paramedics, emergency room and paediatric staff but home time couldn't come soon enough! 

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Let's see what March brings, will it be a newborn photo. 

Stay tuned.