Peaceful home birth at hospital | Monash Casey Hospital | A Grateful Heart Photography

When you are a family that values storytelling, it’s a perfect match to have a birth photographer capture your story, and this was one story that deserved to be told.

A birth photographer is there at your most sacred moments you want to know that the person you are allowing in to your space is the right fit for you. When Eliza reached out to find out about birth photography my daughter was still a newborn. At our initial meeting Eliza asked what I planned to do with my daughter if I was called. “It’s up to you...” was my response and from that moment on I knew this was going to be a special birth to capture. Eliza loved the idea of having a baby at her planned home birth. ‘it takes a village’ took on a whole different significant meaning. 

Eliza’s due date grew near. We joked how third babies can be the anomaly and this little one was no different. After days of movement Eliza contacted me with the news that her water broke but was heading to the hospital for checking as there was meconium present. As she was in the home birth program at Casey Hospital Eliza’s homebirth was now going to be in hospital. Her village that were to be present at her birth rallied to ensure she got the most respectful, peaceful and beautiful birth possible.

After a quick call from Joel I rushed to the hospital with my now 8 week in tow. The room was full of emotion when I arrived. Eliza, her mother and partner were all present. Her midwife, Meg, who was not on that night was on her way as was her student midwife, Caitlyn. Within minutes of Meg arriving Eliza was ready to welcome her little man into the world.

Mother concentrating on surges holding a tissue as she transitions at Casey Hospital in Berwick
mother birthing with support from husband and midwife at Casey Hospital
Father supporting mother during contractions in labour by squeezing her hand at Casey Hospital Berwick

Quietly the midwives moved around the room in near darkness as they prepared for the arrival.  Eliza was surrounded by love; her hand being held, back rubbed and calming words of encouragement as she stood and swayed through each surge. With the most primal song, Eliza sung her boy into the guiding hands of Meg where he was untangled and passed up to his mother.

Eliza and Joel welcomed their son, Atlas to their family. The family that love storytelling now had its final chapter full of twists and unexpected challenges which they faced together. 


I loved this birth for so many reasons. 

mother holding son after birth having skin to skin at Berwick Hospital

I loved that Eliza never felt that she couldn’t do it. She trusted her body and her baby to work together. 

I loved seeing the smallest of humans in the hands of his father, the man who may tower over his son now but will walk side by side together through life.  

father and son after birth at Melbourne Hospital

I loved that the village rushed to be there to give Eliza the closest thing to a home birth in hospital. Husband, mother, midwife, student midwife, photographer. Each holding space and providing the support that was needed to create a safe and peaceful environment to welcome their son into the world. 

Each birth is unique. Each story deserves to be told. Some don’t follow the script we write out in advance but somehow they still turn out to be one of the best stories we have ever written.

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