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Why do I freaking love what I do? Because I LOVE seeing women empowered. To witness the kind of love that you just can’t fake. To see time slow and hearts expand. Birth photography brings all the feels and more. Witnessing my first home birth as a birth photographer was something else!

This birth was everything. A women who knew and trusted her body, her partner and her support team. She was able to push through and welcome her son to her family with strength and grace. Birth at home brings so many different elements.

I love the details that make each birth unique. Cindy was supported by one of the youngest midwives I have ever seen. A midwife that loved Pepper Pig and was too excited to sleep (I wish I had the stamina of a 3 year old).

I loved seeing how professional and calm her birthing team were. Prepared, relaxed, educated, empowering all rolled into one. The home birth midwives were professional, knowledgeable and supportive.

I loved seeing how relaxed and comfortable the whole family was to be surrounded by birth.

And what I loved most was seeing a women feel supported, loved, encouraged, guided while she birthed her baby.

Home birth melbourne
Melbourne home birth photographer capturing the birth in the early hours of the morning
melbourne birth photographer
Family welcoming their child at home birth in south east suburb of Melbourne in the early hours of the morning
Newborn baby looking up at mother for the first time captured by Melbourne Birth Photographer, A Grateful Heart.
Meeting the family. Intimate moment between three generations at home birth in the outer suburbs of Melbourne.
Detailed moments captured at home birth, by Melbourne birth photography A Grateful Heart
Whole picture birth. Family on couch soaking in the details of newborn baby in the golden hours after birth.
Big sister, baby brother. The first meeting
Warragul home birth photographer
Gippsland Birth Photographer
Birth photography details
families that birth together stay together
family enjoying some quiet moments after the birth of their newest member at home birth in Melbourne Victoria. Captured by A Grateful Heart Photography
Newborn details during golden hours after birth at home location in Victoria Australia.
mother embracing newborn after first feed at intimate home birth