The Final Chapter, Eadie's Birth Story

As with all my labours it was very sporadic. I was not in ‘true labour’ but knew that when it happened the birth would happen quickly. Because of this we headed to St John of God half an hour away in Berwick early.

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Arriving at hospital at 2:30am to meet our third child was exciting. We had called our amazing photographer Bree Downes (all photos in this post have been captured by Bree) when we planned to leave and she arrived at the hospital at the same time we did. This meant our birth was documented from the moment we walked through the doors until we were safely tucked away with a newborn in our room.

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Once settling in to the birthing suite I was having surges that would intensify then back off. I tried laboring in the shower, on the ball and walking around. I found I was most comfortable standing and walking so there was lots of movement around the room.

At some stage my surges became less intense and less frequent. The nurses informed us that the doctor would be around in the morning. It was at this stage we had to make a decision. We decided to try and sleep and once we saw the doctor we would get up and do everything possible to meet our baby.

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I was able to sleep and got some rest but would wake every now and then with surges. During my nap my surges changed. Still infrequent but there was a shift. Bree had also noticed a difference and I was feeling positive about meeting our baby soon.

Around 6:30am the doctor came in to see how I was going. After discussing our plans to allow the labour to progress naturally we said goodbye and that we would see him this afternoon if we were still waiting for our baby (or sooner if he was needed).

This was the time we were going to do everything possible to make this happen.

Not long after I remember saying to the midwife “we are having a baby this morning”. I’m not sure she believed me as I was still not having intense or frequent contractions.

With the next surge the midwife said “I think you’ll have the baby soon”. One of the midwives came in and asked to get a trace on the baby. I had requested minimal monitoring and had just refused a cervical check so agreed. My heartrate was high and was told it would need to stay on until it came down.

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Still leaning on the ball on the bed my water broke and one quick thinking midwife stuck her hand between my legs near my knees. I looked over at her as she turned and informed me she was just doing this just in case as some babies are born quickly like that. Within two minutes of my water breaking Eadie was born into the guiding hands of the midwife.

As I looked down, seeing my little girl their tummy up, her umbilical cord still attached connecting both of us was one of the most magical moments. I got to share that we had another glorious baby girl as she was carefully passed up to me to hold to my chest.

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My third precipitous birth and labour (yes I looked it up it means fast) was over and our hearts were full. 47 minutes and our world changed forever. I was helped on to the bed while we had skin to skin and our first feed.

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So how did I grow from this experience?

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warragul birth photography


-          I learnt to trust myself and what I know to be true of my body. I am certain that those who had seen me during this time would have doubted that I was ready to give birth. I trusted my body.

-          Birthing is amazing. When else do you get to see something so amazing as a new life taking its first breath. The only thing better than photographing a birth is giving birth.

-          No births are the same and all are beautiful! We should listen to these stories and celebrate the strength of all women who bring life into this world no matter how that mother is made.

-          Finally, I cant wait to do it again. On the other side of the lens of course!

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If you think you would like your story captured get in touch. You only get once chance, there are no do overs and you will never regret the photos you have only those you didn’t take.