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This is my friend. She is actually one of my oldest friends. Not in age but definitely in years. We meet when we were six. I still remember her childhood phone number. I know her birthdate without thinking about it. We spent our childhood together- school, camps then high school. I completed a reading at her wedding. She was someone I knew I could rely on, who was there to celebrate my success but also there when the times were tough and things looked bleak. You always knew she was on your side.  

I can still tell you ever detail of her sharing with us that she was going to be a mother, the first of many in our group of friends.

She was the person who introduced me to the idea of birth photography. At the time I was pregnant with my first child and the thought of having someone photograph a birth was something I could not fathom. Then I had my daughter and I got it. Why wouldn’t you want to see your baby come into the world, remember the wave of love when time stands still and the world is perfectly balanced and nothing else matters.

Earlier this year we were out for dinner. I was heavily pregnant with my third baby (the second last in our group). Before we left she had a photo with her ‘two pregnant friends’. Little did I know but it was a photo of all the pregnant ladies, her included. She had a secret. There was another little person joining our extended family and the fourth in her clan!

It was full circle. This baby was the final chapter. After bring the first of 25 babies into our group she was also bring the last and I would finally have a chance to capture one of her births.

I was blown away at how relaxed and calm my beautiful friend was as she worked to bring her baby into this world, just as I thought she would be. What I didn’t know was how amazing her birth partner was. I knew that with her husband they made a great team but seeing how supportive and present he was during the birth was just so heart warming. I saw them in a different light. There was not a moment that he wasn’t focused on doing what needed to be done to be there for her. So tender and strong. She knew he had her back. Together they welcome beautiful Neve into their family. A place full of the most amazing people, Neve will never be alone and will know nothing but the love, humor, protection and warmth in her life, exactly the same as what was present the day she entered this world.

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