Cherishing the beauty in the everyday moments

As a documentary photographer I have loved capturing the different ways a couch can draw out emotions between different people.

The March challenge was to capture the joy of reading. I had grand visions of photographing something amazing. Maybe someone I didn’t know reading in a café. Really pushing myself creatively as a photographer. Well time got the better of me and I never captured that image as I had planned in March.

But sometimes the best things are the unplanned. The details you notice when you are busy looking for something else. As a birth and lifestyle photographer I am always searching for the details that add to the story.  This is why my camera is always in my basket (yes I carry a basket) because you never know when or where something heart melting might need documenting.

grandfather reading a book to grand daughter while visiting in their home in Gippsland


Something so simple, a girl and her Grandbob! How is there anything sweeter than see the bond between a child and their grandparent. My dad doesn’t visit often but when he does this little one is smitten with him. Her eyes light up at the sight of him and seeing him read to her.

This moment was perfect, natural, and demonstrating the authentic connection between a grandparent and their grandchild. This is what my mission as a photographer is all about, capturing the moments that make our days that little bit brighter and a step a little bit lighter.

Sometimes the magic happens in our homes. Sometimes the magic is seeing and appreciating the mundane in our day.

Don’t underestimate the importance of your photos of your everyday movements. One day this is all we will have left.

Amy WishartComment