Meeting Harry| A story of the greatest gift, altruistic surrogacy| Melbourne Birth Photographer

When you can’t see through the lens because tears are streaming down your face and you are holding your breath you know you have witnessed something pretty damn amazing.


Being a birth photographer I get to witness probably the most transforming moments in our human experience. Nothing comes close to the moment you meet your child. For some the path is long, complicated, scary and sometimes seems impossible. Until it isn’t. Surrogacy is a path that many of us would know nothing about. The emotional journey is more than many of us will ever experience but for some it is their only avenue.


I don’t think I have ever been overcome with emotion the way I was on the day that Harry transitioned earthside. He was birthed into the world by one of the most beautiful and generous humans I have ever come across and into the arms of the most deserving and loving people around.


Henry and Lisa didn’t know Emmy before they met but you would never have known that. They were like family. There was love, excitement and nerves in the room as they waited for Harry to arrive, just like any other birth.


I loved so much about this birth.
I loved that Emmy birthed on her terms. She knew her body, her capabilities and was able to birth the way she wanted supported by her husband and encouraged by Harry’s parents.

I loved the care that was shown by all around them. The midwives, doctors and the family. The patience that was taken to support new parents on their next exciting but daunting chapter.

I loved how these magical people inspired me to believe that this world will be OK. Sometimes the world seems dark and scary but being present and witnessing this awesome foursome I was reassured that magic really does happen and for this I can not thank you enough.


The world is brighter because of you all.

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