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Your birth story. Documenting your strength to endure beautiful moments through emotive storytelling.

—  BIRTH  —

The best blind date you have ever been on.

I never knew how significantly life changing my birthing experience would be until I lived it for the first time. 

I also never knew how quickly the memories fade away and are replaced with a narrative. The timeline skews, the details become foggy and before you know it all you are left with is a story that doesn't feel like you were actually 'present' for. This is where documenting your birth becomes so important. Being able to flick back and see how events unfolded and drift back to the time you first laid your eyes on your newest love. When your partner realises they are now a parent. When you hold your world and heart in your arms. 

Birth is raw. Birth is beautiful. There are no second chances. No do overs. Only the moment between you, your body and your loved ones present. You will never regret capturing your special moments through birth photography. 

Melbourne Birth Photographer
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Amy is a Melbourne birth photographer and motherhood photographer documenting the details of your birth story and journey through authentic images of love at first sight. Specialising in birth photography, documentary family photography, maternity photography, newborn photography and portrait photography. birth photography is available at warragul hospital, st john of God berwick, casey hospital, frankston hospital, angliss hospital, dandenong hospital.
Amy services Melbourne, Berwick, Warragul, the Mornington Peninsula, south Gippsland and the Bass Coast.