Looks like film

When you are to tired to have your photo taken but you stay awake for it anyway. Image shot on black and white film during in home photo shoot.
When you ask a child to show you their favourite thing during a family photo shoot and they take you and show you the world from a different perspective. Shot on black and white film
Baby sleeping in fathers arms while visiting a cafe in Gippsland. Moment captured on black and white film.
child on swings during lifestyle photography session at location in Warragul. Shot on film

My grandpa use to shoot film back when you didn’t shoot film, you just took photographs. Now I look through the same lens and see the world in a slower more intentional way. Shooting with purpose, thinking hard about what you want to remember as each click is important (not to mention money). There is something grounding to only have 36 chances to make it count.

So here are my first moments.

Things I don’t want to forget, places I want to savour and people I want to cherish.

phillip island photographer-8.jpg
phillip island photographer-11.jpg

To really learn about my film camera I went and completed a film landscape photography workshop down at Phillip Island and it was flipping brilliant. I was able to shoot on a Zenit an old soviet camera as well as my grandfathers old Canon. Our films were sent off to be developed and returned tonight. In a very short space of time I feel like I got a lifetime of information. I am so glad that I have not only explored shooting on film but also tackling landscape photography (although you will notice I still managed some lifestyle images in amongst the stunning scenery. Learning never stops. This is one experience I can not wait to do again!